Solace in Silence

Off went the remote

Yet on flipped my mind

There is solace in silence

Soon I would find

With music or the television always playing

It is hard to hear what the house is saying

The history of it playing before me

It was hard to conceive it could tell such a story

Gatherings of friends and family were brought to light

Parties of days passed created an aroma of delight

I envisioned all the homework hours logged by my brother and I

And in the kitchen baking Irish Soda Bread, my mom I could spy

So many images racing, it was hard to comprehend

If a haunting or joyous one lay around the bend next

Yet for some odd reason, I felt not perplexed

In the recliner, a sense of calmness enveloped my being

The house telling me to pay attention to what I was seeing

For haunting or joyous or monotonous you see,

To this great house belongs each memory

Sitting in silence is a tall task for a mind like mine

One where some thoughts are far from divine

But a challenge like that is one to be taken

There was solace indeed!

I couldn’t be mistaken

So for the meek, the indifferent, and even the bold

Sitting in silence can reveal what you’re meant to be told